Sandra is a New York born and raised voice actress trained at Edge Studios and Shut Up & Talk. Being Spanish bilingual with a background in English literature, she was always fascinated with what people were saying and the broad palette of ways to say it.

After a childhood where video games were banned from the house, she’s 180’d so hard that she’s finally in them and never leaving. Voice over training came any chance she had in between jobs, and lovingly crafted fan projects she produced for her favorite games soon gained recognition within their communities.  Not long after she was offered her first professional role with Wadjet Eye Games.

Sandra’s voice can be enjoyed in games such as PrimordiaApotheonHeroes of NewerthMarvel’s Avengers Academy, and most recently, a leading role in the critically acclaimed Wadjet Eye Games hit Unavowed. Widely known for voicing community sound mods for Valve’s Team Fortress 2she’s also voiced in Valve approved community content (Team Fortress 2: The INVASION Update). She also lends her voice to countless lifestyle, business and audio drama podcasts, United Airlines and McGraw-Hill Education.

When not voice acting you can catch Sandra on Twitter or Facebook under the handle “DustyOldRoses,” obsessing over good food, good games and the color pink.

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