Featured Appearances

tf2icon ChemicalAlia’s Female Spy Mod featured on the official Team Fortress 2 blog

kritzkast Sandra guest hosts on an episode of the Team Fortress 2 fan podcast

purplepat Sandra talks with Phoenix Online’s Media Update on Supreme League of Patriots

tf2icon Sandra’s voice is featured in the trailer for Team Fortress 2: Invasion, a community powered update

pseudopod Sandra narrates “The Toad Witch” by Jessica Amanda Salmonson for Pseudopod

Sandra narrates “Cassandra Writes Out of Order” by Andrea Tang for PodCastle

Sandra narrates “La Gorda and the City of Silver” by Sabrina Vourvoulias for PodCastle

Wickedchat Sandra guests on an episode of Wicked Chat to talk about Bomango and Frontier-0

lexgaming logo Sandra gets interviewed by Lex Gaming about voicing Shelly for Brawl Stars

lexgaming logo Sandra returns to play Brawl Stars with Lex Gaming and talk about voicing Emz

Game Mods

Team fortress 2

Here’s where you can download some of the custom and community content I’ve worked on for games like Team Fortress 2 and the Portal series. Additional credits can be found back at the download pages for the respective mods.


Weighted Wonderland by p0rtalplayer and Colossal