Sandra provides high quality voice over deliveries that are right on point. The character that I cast Sandra as requires a lot of understanding in the details of her subtlety; sounding mildly hostile and condescending without being over the top and loud. Sandra performs this role beautifully hitting every mark effortlessly.

Other producers who are looking to utilize her services as a voice actor can count on her to have great audio quality with her deliveries (I’ve worked with her remotely). Zero atmospheric noise, very good plosive control, just right gain settings, and easy breath control, not to mention that any editing needed in studio takes little to no time at all! She follows production spec and requirements to the teeth, is available for remote script reading and is a joy to talk to!

Not to mention that her delivery etiquette is spot on; she is very reliable. I can’t say enough about this actress as she’s a shining example of professionalism and I highly recommend her.

Jamaal Ephriam – Founder/Owner, Key Jay Compound